Vibrant Argentina bursts with life across its diverse terrain. Mountains, mighty waterfalls, epic glaciers and beaches – Argentina has it all. Listen to tango echo through a tangle of cobbled streets in Buenos Aires, explore the frozen wilderness of Patagonia, and amble between sun-kissed vineyards in Mendoza. On the southern tip of the continent lies Ushuaia; gateway to the wild Tierra del Fuego National Park and port of embarkation for expedition cruises to the Antarctic. Set foot off the plane and you’ll soon be seduced by Argentina’s soaring natural beauty, irresistible culture, seriously good wine and melt-in-your-mouth steak.



Doing an internship overseas can be one of the most eye-opening and rewarding experiences; both academically and culturally. Many students decide to do an internship in a country other than their own to experience medicine from another perspective. The diversity of placement options alongside a different experience of medicine is what appeals to students who are looking for a structured, varied and fulfilling placement. You will be exposed to unfamiliar pathologies which are endemic in Argentina whilst also encountering common conditions at a much later stage of presentation.



Alongside this, you having a safe and enriching placement is also paramount. We have extensive experience working with students from a variety of medical disciplines and varying nationalities so well understand the priorities you will have for your time overseas.


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